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"Robin has a lot of wisdom to share, and I see her as a bridge between the East and the West."

- Deborah King, New York Times best-selling author of Be Your Own Shaman and Truth Heals.



Break The Pattern, Connecting To the Power Within To Create The Life You Want is a 30-Day Programme that triggers processes to break you free from the recurring undesirable patterns of thought and action, to pave the way for new programming within you. This is accomplished by learning to Connect To The Power Within through a series of systematic steps and daily exercises outlined in this book. The whole process is facilitated by focused working on your carefully defined Intents. The Intents are an expression of your heart's passionate desires and The Life You Want To Create.

It is a workbook that covers practical tools to bring change in all areas of Life, Health, Relationship with Self and Others, Career and Money. The book teaches you to connect to your authentic Self so that you assume full charge of your life and ignite the excitement to take you forward.

Through her clients’ case studies and own personal journey, the author demonstrates how everyone who works through the Programme can achieve the power to let go, heal and be open to experiencing greater love, happiness, joy, peace, well-being, success and prosperity.


Robin Bela is an Indian, living in UK from 2003. Since about then, she has been practicing healing therapies, coaching and teaching in the West and in India, and has clients from all over the world taking her guidance and support.


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