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Over the years of doing energy healing work, I realised that people would come back with similar ailments in body and emotions even after feeling great after a session, if the deeply entrenched underlying issues were not addressed and cleared.
I knew then that people needed to learn to release some of their long-standing ways of thinking, behaviour, unhappy emotions from their past experiences, and all connected core beliefs blocking their progress to happier and more successful beings. Such core beliefs relating to body and mind, causing detrimental, repetitive patterns of thought and behaviour, are deeply embedded in one's being over the years. Getting rid of such core beliefs and replacing them with new patterns of thought and behaviour, and to create a new reality, is a challenging task but it can be accomplished easily through the application of a unique process that I call Soul Clearing Technique and The Intent Process.
I have been practising the Soul Clearing Sessions with my clients since 2010, and several of my clients have transformed themselves to happier and more successful new beings. They have changed their thought patterns, become more stable emotionally, enjoy greater physical well-being and have become more successful in material and financial terms. They are better connected to their inner power in spiritual terms. All this made me realise as a practitioner that the processes and the technique involved needed to be shared. The result was my book "Break The Pattern..." and now my Programmes to support and deepen this understanding further. I also Intend to offer this complete healing programme to people who wish to offer it to others as coaches.
The requirement to receive your Coach Certification:

1. To learn how to offer Soul Clearing Sessions and Intent Process coaching to others, you need to attend the 2-Day 'Soul Clearing & Intent Process Coach Certification. Timings are 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM each day apprx. Venue will be in Edinburgh city, and will be confirmed in due course. An email will be sent separately later to you in this regard.

Some of the things you would learn in the 2-Day programme:
  • Learn coaching skills on listening, supporting and helping others.
  • Special 'Diamond Clearing' Method- Soul Clearing Technique.
  • Learn to clear unwanted repeated core beliefs blocking emotional and physical healing.
  • Learn to create the mindset for success for healing and reaching all goals in life.
  • Become fluent in the Intent Process, crucial for complete well-being. With no firm direction and mindset, change is not possible.
  • Become the role model for inspiration and change for others through your life.
  • Learn the secrets of living your life to the maximum potential so that you can be a beacon of light for others.
  • Accept and grow your self-worth, and your gifts to serve others. Find and create your unique blueprint of what you are here to offer. This is what makes your offering unique.
  • Get practical training in groups, and also with case studies of how to help bring change in others in all areas of life, health, relationships, career and money through the Soul Clearing and Intent Process.
  • Learn the secrets to manifestation process to live and help others live a charmed life.
In this 2 day event you are working on learning to help others. But to be a good Coach, self healing & coaching is essential and that can be supported by following ways. And they are also required to complete your certification.

2. You are required to attend atleast 3 live In-Person seminars for your own personal healing (£79-£100 approx. each.)
  • Break The Pattern in Relationships with Self and Others - 5th July 2014, Edinburgh - Click Here - Event over.
  • Break The Pattern for Money & Manifestation - 21st February 2015, Edinburgh - Click Here - Event Over
  • Break The Pattern and Create The Change - 20th June 2015, N.Ireland - Click Here - Event Over
  • Break The Pattern in Health  - February 2016, Edinburgh - Click Here - Event Over
If you miss the above in 2015, you can join the ones in 2016 or 2017. It is encouraged to attend as many of these live events, as you can as it if a for your own personal healing and growth.

In the above one day programmes, Robin takes you personally through an In-depth process of clearing the undesirable core beliefs blocking you in all areas of your life, and help you move forward to where you want to be through the Intent Process. Coaching practice is a lifelong skill and is developed over a period of time and hence, you choose your pace. Excellent coaches are usually those who are able to work on their own issues when the need comes. And hence all trainees require time for that process too. And you are taught how to go through that process on self in these 1-day programmes, and also through Robin's Book below.

3. Read 'Break The Pattern' Book ( ) and complete your 30-day journey ( before or after class) that the book takes you through for your own soul clearing process and transformation. You are required to note and submit in writing on how you brought a change you wanted for yourself. To be good coaches for others, it starts by being one for self. This can be sent anytime after the second seminar you attend after your coaching certification.

Details About Certification & Cost:

The certificate for coach will be offered to you after the attendance of the third seminar in-person seminar and after submission of 5 case studies & a small write-up of your experiences of change in life that can be inspired from Robin's book. This will be explained in class again in detail.

You would be certified as Soul Clearing And The Intent Process Coach, under this system. This programme is taught once in 2 years usually. The fee for the programme is £250. You can pay in 1 or 2 parts.  The Teacher Certification would be announced soon, if you wish to pursue the coaching programme to the next level.
The 2-Day event may also be attended by those who genuinely wish to grow their knowledge of this system, and not necessarily practice on others. I am taking a small group for this programme, and people have already started booking. So if you are keen to join, please book early to ensure your place, or drop an email to let me know that you are booking soon.

Please note that from 2016, there will be additional free support after class for new and old students with 3 live online quarterly webinar calls. This is to continue support to grow your confidence in skills as a coach, and for any questions you may still have. 

I look forward to seeing you become excellent coaches for others, and help people move forward in their lives. For any questions, please email at

Robin Bela

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